Welcome Back and Drops from the Fire Hose – January 21, 2013

A big welcome back to all returning Mason MBA students from the MBA Student Association!  To the cohorts starting this spring (Bermuda and India): Welcome!  We here at the MBASA speak for your fellow students when we say how excited we are you are here.  This is a journey that is both challenging and rewarding.  Please feel free to contact any of the 2013 MBASA officers if you have any questions or concerns.

Tech Company Start Up Capital: New York? — Quartz

Looks at the pure financial and economic comparison between New York and other locations for tech entrepreneurs.

Top Ten Countries To Run A Business — Forbes

Whatever your political leanings, is the U.S. still an ideal place for businesses?  Grant Thornton, a management consulting firm performed some analysis, which ranks the top ten places on the planet to run a business from.

5 Reasons China Won’t Take Over the World — Business Insider

An interesting look at one person’s opinion on the future look of the global economic leaders. Having visited China as part of the Mason MBA Global Residency program, China’s aging population and economic growth through investment in infrastructure were both discussed as Chinese state concerns.

 Finally,  a big thank you to Dean Haddock and other members of the MBA faculty and staff for inviting the current and former MBASA officers to sit on a panel for the incoming Bermuda and India cohorts earlier this month. MBASA 2013 Spring Orientation


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