Drops from the Fire Hose — On Hiatus!

To date, there have been almost 100 posts of “Drops from the Fire Hose.” It has been a pleasure to aggregate/curate these links for all of you to read. I know that I’ve certainly gleaned a lot from reading the various news bits or learning opportunities that these links have provided — and I hope you did, too!

As the semester comes to a close (and exam season heats up), Drops from the Fire Hose will be going on a temporary hiatus. Look for Drops from the Fire Hose to continue when the new officers assume their roles next semester.

For now, I have two last “Drop from the Fire Hose” to share: my website and my twitter handle: @JStanghini. On the website/blog, just about everyday, I try to write something. Topics have ranged from Improving Ethical Decision-Making to Creative Lessons in Long-Term Sustainability (through baseball!) to Martial Arts as a Metaphor for Life. On Twitter, I often share things that I’ve found interesting, newsworthy, or noteworthy. I hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to check back with the MBASA website in January. There’s sure to be some cool updates from the new officers!


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