Drops from the Fire Hose – December 3, 2012 – Business Insider

How The Doomers Got It Wrong — Business Insider

But the overall point is simple: A demographic lift combined with the same innovation and investment that’s gone on for a long time is why the dreams of the doomsayers, who were riding so high just a few years ago, haven’t come to pass.

The 4-Step Process For Mastering Any Skill — Business Insider

The first is finding failure points. “I don’t care why people pick up cookbooks, I’m much more interested in why they put them down,” Ferriss writes. Many people stop learning a skill at one of a few different tripping points, for cooking it’s things like too many ingredients, intimidating knife skills, dishes finishing at different times, and having to watch things constantly.

By finding those points, pinpointing them, and having a strategy to overcome them, you avoid the sorts of slowdowns and barriers that prevent people from learning skills.

The second, having a margin of safety. Ferriss uses Warren Buffett as his example here. Buffett famously buys stocks at a discount, so he’ll likely do well even if things go badly.

The same lesson applies to learning a skill. Making sure you’ll have a good, measurable outcome even if you mess up keeps you on track. You avoid the worst failures, and get something useful out of your effort no matter what.

30 Ways Your Spending Habits Change With Age — Business Insider

HS Dent, an economic forecasting firm, compiled Census data on spending behavior and presented them as a series of demand curves (see right).  The curves measure average annual expenditure for a given product over the age of the consumer.

The charts couldn’t be more plain. But with a tiny bit of imagination, the curves offer a vivid look at how spending patterns change over time.


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