Drops from the Fire Hose – November 30, 2012 – Fast Company

3 Big Insights From Today’s Top Design Thinkers — Co.Design

As the discussion evolved, so too did the core issues behind the bubble: How does a team move their brand beyond the insights of one office or living room? Traditionally, big branding–a sort of universal experience–has been used to bridge the gap across cultures. Stewart, however, points out how this sort of old-school brand experience can be short-sighted for a modern global product.


The same is true for Wright–following Anna and his Brad Pitt spots for Chanel No. 5, he wants to make good on a previous offer to produce an album for a British musician. He talks about reuniting with Anna Karenina choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui on a new project and collaborating with his newlywed wife, the acclaimed sitar musician Anoushka Shankar on a project.

The Potential Of Data And Human Capital To Change The World — Co.Exist

When you build your team, act as if the world is your oyster. Find the right person who has the talent, network, and passion to help you succeed. Talent has become a focus in Silicon Valley and cited as the primary differentiator between competitors. As business author Jim Collins says, “the Who” is what matters most. One of the reasons that talent matters most is the network that the talent represents. When you hire someone, you are also getting access to the resources they represent in their network. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are masters at this. Reid Hoffman recognized this and founded LinkedIn on this very premise.



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