Drops from the Fire Hose – November 29, 2012

McKinsey Predicts The War For Talent Will Go Nuts By 2020 — Business Insider

Despite all the talk from Peter Thiel and others about how college is a poor investment, a new study from McKinsey finds that one of the biggest employment trends in coming decades will be a shortage of high-skill, college-educated workers for all advanced economies.

An intensifying global war for talent means that there will be as much as an 18 million worker shortfall in the world’s richest countries. They’ll be producing too few of the workers businesses really need, and too many with only high school or vocational training.

Restarting the US small-business growth engine — McKinsey Quarterly

Reinvigorating small business starts with identifying the high-growth firms that disproportionately drive economic activity and jobs. In an accompanying video, AOL cofounder Steve Case explains how big businesses can benefit too.

Where are the authentic entrepreneurs? — Bill Barnett

More generally, it turns out that at times or in places where entrepreneurship is least likely, those few entrepreneurs who do appear are most likely to win big.  So to find the nonconformist entrepreneurs, look to where entrepreneurship is least likely.  Examples abound once you look for them.  In the UAE, you might be surprised to see twofour54, an entrepreneurial media hub in Abu Dhabi run by Ms. Noura Al Kaabi.  Coming out of Peru, you’ll see Kola Real, formed during a coup d’état in 1988 – not exactly an ideal environment for business incubation.  Or, in Kamchatka, you’ll see ecotourism ventures by Wild Salmon River Expeditions – a start-up by an alliance between a former American military officer and his Russian associates.  Name your own unusual circumstance.  Where entrepreneurship is least expected, only the authentic entrepreneurs show up.

6 Tips to Master the Art of Delegation — Mashable

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are used to wearing a lot of hats in their business — everything from handling sales and accounting to replacing ink in the printer. However, trying to take care of everything can be harmful to your well-being and your business. With only one person in charge, there’s only so far you can scale.


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