Drops from the Fire Hose – October 15, 2012

LinkedIn Reveals the World’s Most In-Demand Employers — Mashable

Tech companies — and particularly software companies — dominated the list. Google ranked highest overall and proved to be the top company for marketing professionals, software engineers and students. Apple and Microsoft ranked second and third on the list, respectively, while Facebook came in fourth. Other tech companies like Salesforce and Twitter ranked among the top 20 companies worldwide.

Interestingly, LinkedIn found that half of the 100 most sought after companies were smaller businesses with fewer than 7,000 employees. As LinkedIn points out in the report, “Bigger isn’t always better.”

How to Tackle Student Loan Debt When Your Grace Period Ends — Lifehacker

But perhaps the best option of all, particularly if you can make lower monthly payments, is to adjust the repayment terms for your loans. With federal loans, you can apply for the Income-Based Repayment program, which caps your monthly required payment at 15% of your disposable income. That way, you can still make your monthly payments, but you will have to pay for 25 years before the remaining balance is forgiven.

If you have private loans, ask your lender if they have a program similar to Income-Based Repayment. Many of them will work with you to adjust your repayment plan.

Big Retailers Join Forces to Develop Mobile Wallet — Wall Street Journal

But while yet another mobile-payments system might rattle confuse customers who don’t understand differences between various systems, the growing number of options could help the overall effort gain traction. Executives from Isis and Google have said that competition is important to propelling the nascent industry. Some of the merchants involved in the new group already are dabbling with mobile payments. Target customers can use a mobile phone to buy and send a Target gift card. The mobile payment card has a bar code that can be read at checkout line.

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep and How to Fix Them — Forbes

All of us wake up at times during the night, and the first thing that pops into our heads is a big problem we’re worried about.  The best thing you can do is stop yourself from going there and redirect your thoughts to something less stressful. If you get caught up on the worry treadmill, you’ll stay awake much longer.


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