Drops from the Fire Hose – October 3, 2012

The Role of the Chief Strategy Officer — MIT Sloan Management Review

From the outset, it was clear that there was a variation in CSO roles, focused on two dimensions. The first dimension was the stage of the strategy process in which the CSO was involved. Our findings identified a significant demarcation between whether the CSO was focused on the formulation of the strategy or the execution of the strategy.

The second dimension of variation was how the CSO engaged in the strategy process. Some CSOs were facilitators, advising business units during the strategy formulation or assisting in the execution. Other CSOs were enactors, far more likely to execute the strategy process by themselves or with their team.

28 Award Winners Highlight Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship — Forbes

Two different and independent awards this week have highlighted innovation in the World of Social Entrepreneurship.  The Tech Museum in San Jose has granted awards to technologists who are having a significant social impact while the Classy Awards have recognized philanthropists and other social entrepreneurs for their creativity and impact.

How to Stand Out in an Interview — Lifehacker

Most people know they need to show up to the interview having done their homework, but both Fernández-Aráoz and Lees agree that people rarely prepare enough. “You can never invest enough in terms of preparation. You should find out as much as possible about the company, how it’s organized, its culture, the relevant industry trends, and some information about the interviewer,” says Fernández-Aráoz. He also advises researching the specific job challenges. This will allow you to demonstrate you have what it takes to fill the role.

Follow Industry Leaders and Influential People on LinkedIn — Lifehacker

LinkedIn has added a new feature for members to follow over 100 of the world’s most influential people, through their blogs on the service. You can now get insights from the likes of Tim O’Reilly, Guy Kawasaki, Deepak Chopra, and the two presidential candidates from the professional social networking site.

These “thought leaders” are writing long blog posts on LinkedIn covering everything from productivity and happiness to career and entrepreneurship.


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