Drops from the Fire Hose – September 30, 2012

Why We Should Teach Empathy To Improve Education (And Test Scores) — Forbes

Looking at the numbers, it is hard to accept that standardized testing is still the norm, when it is clear that we are failing our students by only emphasizing cognitive skills. Higher curriculum standards don’t correlate to higher student achievement, according to a study by the Brookings Institution; empathy does.

Press “Print” and I’m Yours — Knowledge @ Wharton

Remember the first color printers? Take your project to Kinko’s and then watch some well-trained techie struggle with the machine for a quite a while before your job was done.

Today, 3D printers are about at the same place that color printers were 15 years ago, says Wharton practice professor David Robertson. Yet, you can’t really say 3D printing is an up and coming technology because “it’s already here.”

Ideo’s CEO: 5 Reasons Global Firms Should Serve The Developing World — Co.Design

In setting the stage for the meeting, whose theme this year is “Designing for Impact,” Brown noted that “if we don’t deeply understand the communities that we serve, we can’t design for impact. But by being embedded, we can get insights to ideas that may lead to products or services that that market may need.”

How Families Spend in Brazil, Russia, China, India, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia — Quartz

This week, we looked at how health care, education, and cell phone bills have eaten into American budgets since the recession. But let’s take the global view. What do family budgets look like in Egypt? Or Indonesia? Or China? The Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Survey asks thousands of respondents across eight developing countries — the three above plus India, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey — to say how they spend money on categories like cars, food, and phones. Those eight graphs, with key stats from the report, are below. Some light analysis for the road comes at the bottom.


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