Drops from the Fire Hose – September 16, 2012

The Perils Of Being Groomed For Leadership — INSEAD

A few weeks before the end of 2010, Warren Buffett, the legendary investor and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, surprised the financial world by naming a virtual unknown, Todd Combs, as his likely successor. As always happens with Buffett’s pronouncements, experts and commentators went haywire trying to decipher the reticent mogul’s rationale, poring over Combs’ background and the performance of the hedge fund he started and managed for the last five years. Most of the questions they raised were variations on a common theme. Can he possibly replace such an iconic leader?

50 People Shaping The Future Of Design — Co.Design

In our design issue last year, the Co.Design 50 laid out 50 of the most influential designers in America. This year, as a sequel, we took it upon ourselves to highlight 50 people who are shaping the future of design.

How To Know When It’s Time To Fire Yourself — Fast Company

As much as it may pain you to cede total control of the company you founded, don’t become a victim of your own success–if you’re dropping balls while trying to juggle the roles of founder the CEO, it’s time to bring in another set of hands at the top.

What is a risk worth taking? — 30-Second MBA

Short video clip on the article’s page.


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