Drops from the Fire Hose – September 7, 2012

3 Techniques Bill Clinton Uses To Wow An Audience* — Fast Company

Am I suggesting you try duplicating Bill Clinton’s delivery? Absolutely not. A speaker must be true to herself or himself. But the advice I offer to my presentation-skills workshop participants is this: When giving a presentation, be yourself–but be the best version of yourself. Your audiences expect and deserve your very best when you’re before them.

As you prepare for your next presentation, review Clinton’s Wednesday-night speech. Then practice using pauses, pacing, gestures and facial expressions to help your talk rise to a higher level of likability and effectiveness.

Global Competitive Index — World Economic Forum

Note: this drop doesn’t have an excerpt because it’s an interactive visual map of the world’s most competitive economies.

Schools Tout Free Courses to Lure Alumni Back — Wall Street Journal

Business schools have a new message for graduates: Come back.

To forge stronger connections with alumni, a growing number of schools are inviting them back to campus for free or deeply discounted refresher courses. The offerings help alumni freshen up their résumés in a fast-changing business environment, schools say, boost giving and improve relations with business leaders and companies.

*Note: The MBASA is not taking a political stance by offering a “drop” discussing the techniques used by Bill Clinton in his convention speech the other night.


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