Drops from the Fire Hose – August 14, 2012

Just a few goodies that I came across this morning.

To Be Number One, Get the Right Number Two — Harvard Business Review

Picking a number two is among the most important decisions any leader makes. Getting it right shapes a leader’s direction, effectiveness, and legacy.

What Internet Habits Say About Mental Health — Scientific American

Clearly the contentof your internet usage can suggest certain psychological characteristics. Spending a lot of late nights playing high stakes internet poker? Chances are you are a risk taker. Like to post videos of yourself doing karaoke on YouTube? Clearly an extravert. But what about the mechanics of your internet usage—how often you email others, chat online, stream media, or multi-task (switch from one application or website to another)? Can these behaviors—regardless of their content—also predict psychological characteristics? Recent research conducted by a team of computer scientists, engineers, and psychologists suggests that it might.

Of Systems, Silos, and States — Inside Higher Ed

Cal State is refusing admission to graduate students from California; it’s only taking out-of-staters, citing the need for their sweet, sweet tuition surcharges.

It’s ridiculous, but it’s also sane. Cal State is being starved of funding, and it’s acting to protect itself. That’s what independent institutions do. If they can protect themselves while serving the public, they generally will, but if it comes down to “serve or survive,” they’ll choose to survive.  In the absence of a coherent system, the silos will do what makes sense for them. Besides, if a silo took the ethical high road and chose suicide, it couldn’t serve in-state students, either; at least this way it can maintain its own programs, and maybe feed the local workforce a bit.


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