Renaming “From the World Wide Web” – Drops from the Fire Hose

If you’ve been following some of the posts of this site in the past, you know that I’ve solicited opinions on what to rename the “From the World Wide Web” series. After some deliberation, I’ve settled on: “Drops from the Fire Hose.”


Well, if you’ve ever tried to read all the articles published (just in one day) on Forbes, Inc., and BusinessWeek in the same day, you know that it’s rather difficult, unless that’s the only thing you do that day. So, one could say that all of the business news/advice is coming at us like the water from a fire hose. Those articles that are selected and named on this site are akin to “drops” from that fire hose of information.

While it would have been fun to incorporate Patriots (The GMU Mascot) and/or green, I think this is a much better fit.


In case you’re interested, I nearly called it droplets, but after reading the Wiki article and then considering the sound of the name, I settled on ‘drops.’ Hope you enjoy!


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