George Mason University Twitter Feeds

[Update: Feel free to leave your recommendations for Mason people (or accounts) to follow in the comments!]

There are many George Mason University affiliated Twitter accounts. Not only that, there are also George Mason University professors, staff, and students on Twitter, too.

Some of the University accounts:

@GeorgeMasonU – Official Twitter handle for Mason

@CabreraAngel – The new Mason President is on Twitter (and he often interacts with students!)

@Mason_SOM – The George Mason School of Management

@MasonMBA – The George Mason MBA

@MasonAlumni – The George Mason Alumni Association

@masonsocent – The Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Some of the professors:

@tylercowen – Professor of Economics

@EconTalker – Professor of Economics (of Keynes/Hayek rap fame)

@auerswald – Professor of Public Policy

@JackatCHSS – Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Some of the MBA students:

@seanparkhurst – Current COO of the MBASA

@JStanghini – Current CTO of the MBASA

@abbiei – Current MBA student

@Petersrole – Current MBA student


Of course, there are many more Mason affiliated accounts, including professors, staff, and students. Here are two lists where the first is from @GeorgeMasonU and the second is from @GMUStudentMedia:

Mason Twitter Accounts – Twitter accounts associated with parts of George Mason University

Ultimate GMU List – A full list of all current GMU students, faculty, alumni, offices, colleges and orgs


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