Public Service Announcement: Was Your Class Cancelled?

In case you haven’t been checking your email (or missed the email!), the School of Management has cancelled a few of the electives for the Fall 2012 semester. Be sure to double-check PatriotWeb to see if your class was cancelled (and if so, sign-up for a new elective).


Note: Because I’m sure some of you may have noticed, there are variations on the past tense of cancel (cancelled or canceled).

From Grammarist:

In American English, the verb cancel is inflected canceled and canceling—with one l. In varieties of English from outside the U.S., including Canadian, British, and Australian English, cancelled and cancelling are the preferred spellings.

As the Ngram at the bottom of this post shows, American English has only recently adopted the one-spellings, and the change is not fully engrained. In web searches of American publications, cancelled and cancelling still appear about once for every five instances of canceled and canceling.


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