From the World Wide Web

Spiderweb, web, web on bridge, web trees, web between trees, tree web, One of the ideas I had for the Mason MBASA website was for there to be a “curation” service. That is, there could be someone who, daily, (weekly, or maybe just from time-to-time?) culls together some of the interesting business-related articles from the internet. One of the sites I follow does this daily and calls it: “From the Branches.” Temporarily, I’ve called this series “From the World Wide Web,” but I am open to some other witty play on words.

Why I Love Employees Who Ask ‘Why’ — Inc.

“The people who are ‘doing’ often bring better ideas forward because they challenged traditional practices.”

Six Reasons Small Talk is Very Important — And How To Get Better At It — Forbes

“A recent study by researchers at the University Of Michigan found that friendly, social interaction can boost our ability to solve problems.”

These are just a couple of the articles that I’ve come across in the last few days. Are there any that you came across that you found to be quite insightful? Let us know in the comment section. As well, if you have an idea for a witty name for this series, we’d love to hear it!


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